MH900385401Insanity, fear, control, values and strengths.  When speaking to two lawyer groups recently, I touched on these key words as ideas to break through a few common career barriers.

First, “insanity”.  Einstein is attributed, probably inaccurately, as defining insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  What do you do repeatedly and expect a different result?  Maybe you promise yourself daily that today is the day you will leave the office at 5:30 or that tomorrow you will get up 45 minutes early to work out.  Perhaps you continue to attend time consuming meetings for a business group from which you’ve never received a business referral.  Yet the hope of getting more clients is the sole reason you belong to the organization.  How many random acts of lunch do you have without any preparation and a clear understanding of how the person fits into your strategic business development plan?  How many times a month do you describe your legal services without tailoring your words to your listener or to attract more ideal clients and referral sources?    Yes, business development is built on relationships and they take time to develop.  It takes time to become known, liked and trusted as a lawyer.  But if you feel like you are banging your head against a wall, stop!  Evaluate the situation and consider whether you should continue on or pursue other courses of action.

Ask yourself this question:  “What can I give myself permission to stop doing?”