Do Your Clients Think of You as Their Lawyer for Life?  Before you even start spending money on new business development efforts, remember that the most often overlooked sources of business are former and existing clients.  What are you doing to develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients?   A mortgage lender friend called herself her clients’ mortgage lender for life.  How do your clients think of you?  Do they remember to think of you?

Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

Strategic:  Business development coaching helps lawyers develop more business from their relationships, directly and as referral sources.

Focused:  Business development coaching also helps lawyers focus in on a potential target market, take steps to become known, liked, and trusted by it, and ultimately get hired or referred within it.

Unique:  Every lawyer is different and business development coaching is not a one size fits all program.  We will look at your strengths, interests, values, experiences and your network of relationships.  We will consider what is already working for you, or has worked for you in the past in law and/or elsewhere.  And we will build on your sweet spots to develop more business.

Accountable:  Making time for business development is crucial if you want to have control of your career.  This is true regardless of whether you are a junior associate, an overworked senior attorney, a busy solo, a new partner, or an experienced shareholder.

Do-able:  Coaching helps you create time for developing business and gives you permission to only do what interests and fits you and your plan.  Depending on your needs, your plan may include (1) identifying your target market; (2) identifying and consistently taking a few action steps to raise your visibility and credibility and develop or deepen relationships in it; and (3) taking steps to turn those relationships into clients.  It’s not one size fits all!

Coach’s Corner Bar Marketing Tip:  A mistake that lawyers often make is failing to develop a clear picture of their ideal target client.  Without knowing details such as the likes, dislikes, characteristics, associations, habits, industries, cultural and socio economic backgrounds and NEEDS of your ideal potential client, how do you expect to identify them, connect with them, develop a relationship with them, and be retained by them?

Take Charge of Your Practice and Career!