“I have been using Elizabeth to coach me for over 3 years.  She helped me figure out what I am best at in selling myself to potential new clients.  I stopped wasting time on things or approaches that don’t work for me.  She has helped 2 of my clients/friends who were fired land new jobs….”   Partner’s email to a friend

Lawyer Coaching

A lawyer coach provides a sounding board, support, advice & structure. Lawyer coaching helps motivated lawyers make changes to reach their goals and maximize their potential. For most lawyers, these changes result in increased revenues or compensation and increased professional and personal satisfaction. Coaching helps lawyers make these changes faster and more effectively than working on their own.

Categories of motivated, successful lawyers who commonly work with me are:

  • Mid level to senior associates in firms of all sizes
  • New and non-equity partners in firms of all sizes
  • New, younger practice group leaders
  • Lawyers looking to go in-house with 5 – 12 years experience
  • Lawyers looking for their next job with l5 or fewer years experience
  • Solos and small firm owners
  • Women lawyers

My clients take steps that work for them rather than a one-size-fits-all plan.

They use our coaching calls to work on and be accountable for making significant sustained changes in marketing, business development, practice management, professional satisfaction, and/or to land their next job.

Take Charge of Your Practice and Career!