This week at lunch a very experienced, successful lawyer friend and I talked about his law practice and my lawyer coaching practice.  He asked me three simple questions that law practice management articles frequently address.  These questions aren’t just fodder for articles and experts – – they are important questions that successful practicing lawyers think about as well.  

1.  Are you charging enough?  2.  Do you have room for more clients?  3.  Do you have a marketing plan?

Being a lawyer coach and a former litigator with 19 years of discovery experience, I ask these as open ended questions:  1.  How much more can you charge?  2.  How many more clients do you want?             3.  What is your marketing plan?

Write down your answers and start taking action on them.  Worrying or planning without taking action won’t get you anywhere or anything. 

If you would like coaching on these questions or others, please contact me.