I love March Madness. Men’s college basketball is my favorite spectator sport. Fortunately for me, the University of Michigan regularly shows up ready to play in the NCAA tournament. The No. 16 ranked women’s program has been moving up, too, receiving its highest tournament seeding this year and advancing to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time. Monday night the men’s team beat LSU in an 86-78 shootout to advance to their Sweet Sixteen.

After the game Michigan senior guard Eli Brooks talked about his shooting.

“The coaches have been on me about being aggressive, taking my shots. Coach [Juwan Howard] is on everybody because we believe everybody is really talented on the team. It’s about confidence and instilling confidence into each other.”

Many of us already know in our own lives what Eli is saying about confidence coming from the coach and from players believing in each other. His comment reminded me of three lawyers I recently worked with on specific career opportunities. A lot of that coaching work was about confidence. We developed strategies for interviewing and negotiating, and we gave them a new lens through which to see themselves and the opportunities. This gave them the confidence to be themselves and to take their best shot.

Having someone else believe in us and even push us instills confidence that can then grow from within. Even though a win isn’t always a sure thing, and every lawyer is different, with a game plan and confidence you, too, can succeed in more of your opportunities.

The demanding practice of law is sometimes a bit like March Madness or at least madness. I love coaching and I would love to help you find, believe in, and take your shot as a lawyer. If you are interested, please contact me.