>On this beautiful Mother’s Day, consider how the most basic habits you learned from your mother as a young child serve you today in your professional life as a lawyer. This list is in addition to obvious wisdom like work hard, apply yourself and always do your best.

1. Make your bed every morning.
2. Pick up after yourself.
3. Tell the truth and own up to your mistakes.
4. Stand up straight, speak up & look people in the eye.
5. Don’t disparage other people.
6. Finish what you start.
7. Be helpful.

Perhaps there is a place for “put on a sweater” (said when she was cold) and “zip up your coat” on this list as well.

Have a little fun today thinking about these as actual habits in your career or as metaphors for elements of your daily practice. Consider renewing your commitment to them professionally and personally. Your mother would be proud.