Girls on a softball teamWhen I coached girls softball in a rec & ed league, I had a few favorite phrases.  At the end of the season I included them on a certificate for each player.  I called them Rules for Softball, Rules for Life

As we end one year and start another, we might all get a little closer to living the life we intend by following these simple rules in our legal careers and other parts of our lives.    

  1. Keep your eye on the ball.
  2. Swing like you mean it.
  3. Run hard through first base.
  4. Use two hands.
  5. Have fun.

Maybe these rules are second nature for you and what you really want to do is hit more curve balls or move from reliable utility player to a starting position, from income member to equity, from service partner to rainmaker.  One of my newer clients started working with me to hone her deposition skills and style.  The results are in the transcripts.  A legal all star status may be in her future.  What’s in yours?    

Please contact me if you are ready for coaching to take your game to the next level.