Here are five gifts the year end holidays offer lawyers seeking new jobs:

1. December brings an abundance of cheerful networking opportunities.  Holiday open houses, bar association parties, potlucks, community service, and other social activities can involve friends as well as potential new contacts.

2. The holidays present natural opportunities to rekindle relationships and deepen others without any awkwardness.  Holiday cards, even a friendly holiday email or text, can be a simple way to reconnect or stay in touch without worrying about how it will be perceived.  Catching up over a quick cup of coffee or a drink to celebrate year end can do the same thing.

3. Law firms and companies are finalizing budgets and plans for the new year, including evaluating hiring needs.  They could meet you or receive your resume or letter of interest when their hiring needs are fresh in mind

4. You will have less competition and stand out more if you keep looking and don’t slow down or stop as many attorneys do in December.

5. Positions open up early in the new year when lawyers give notice after staying the full year in order to receive their bonus.  Be the early bird.  Be top of mind.

Focusing on and caring about other people during the holidays is part of effective job searching.  If you would like help with your job search in December or pulling your search together for 2019, please contact me.