A few recent conversations with lawyer clients reminded me of a Buddhist parable.

Two monks were traveling together, one old and one young. They came to a river with a strong current where a young woman was waiting, unable to cross alone. She asked the monks if they would help her across the river. Without a word and in spite of the sacred vow he had taken not to touch women, the older monk picked her up, crossed the river, and set her down on the other side.

The younger monk joined them on the other side of the river. He was shocked that the other monk had broken his vow but he did not say anything. The woman left them. An hour passed as the two monks traveled on. Then two hours. Then three. After four hours the younger monk could no longer stand it. “Why did you carry that woman when we took a vow as monks not to touch women?”

Which woman?” asked the older monk.

“The woman you carried across the river!” the younger one exclaimed.

The older monk replied: “I set her down hours ago. Why are you still carrying her?”


What are you holding onto? How long will you keep carrying it?

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