Golf shot with a wedge.
What’s in your head?

I learned an acronym listening to a podcast this morning: FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. As in “the voices of FUD”.

With beautiful weather and the Masters tournament starting today, a few personal battles with FUD immediately came to mind. A former fear of sand shots. Uncertainty on how to hit a chip and doubts about my club selection.

FUD leads to nothing good. Not only on a golf course!

Most of us know the voices of FUD even if we don’t recognize them as such in the moment. When they show up, they can hold us back as lawyers, as professionals, and in our personal lives.

Do any of these examples sound familiar or remind you of someone?

  • Fear of public speaking stops some lawyers from ever mastering that skill. Other fears include fear of displeasing or disappointing someone. Fear of being wrong. Fear of not knowing an answer. Fear of saying no. Fear of work drying up. Fear can keep lawyers from letting their light shine.
  • Uncertainty keeps some attorneys from being a good decision maker. An unreasonable desire for certainty often leads to paralysis by analysis, or procrastination. Delays often lead others to doubt your abilities as a lawyer.
  • Doubt erodes trust in yourself, trust from others. Doubt rarely leads to anything positive and productive for lawyers.

Think about whether and where the voices of FUD show up in your professional and/or personal life.

If they do, ask yourself: What’s their value? How may they be holding you back? When are you going to start winning that battle and what do you need to do so?

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