When going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce.  In other words, visualize success.  That’s what I reminded a client in advance of her interview this week.  I do, and I believe it works.  Even if you’re skeptical, visualizing success doesn’t hurt.

Pro basketball players visualize success as they stand at the free throw line.  Professional golfers see the shape of their shot before they hit it.  NFL quarterbacks win games relying on muscle memory from hours of success with their receivers.  Why not let this strategy work for you?

When we visualize success, we block out the opposing team’s fans, the water hazards and sand traps, the low points in our GPA, the gap in our resume, and the inexperience in our area of true interest.  Instead we focus on our goal and on what sets us apart from other applicants or our competition, on what we know about our clients, our target market or potential employer and what we can bring to the table.  In essence, we focus on what we can control.

For that is all that we can do.  Control what we can control.  Prepare and do our best.

Visualize yourself succeeding in what you set out to do.  Prepare for and focus on that and you can never say that you did less than what you could do.  You will have given your all.  You will not have failed yourself.

A client of mine said that about an interview he had last week.  He did and said exactly what he wanted to.  He wouldn’t change anything.  If they don’t hire him, he said, then they were looking for someone different than him.

If you are ready for coaching to prepare for and focus on success in your practice and career, please contact me.