It’s that time of year. If you are like many lawyers, your firm or employer has asked for, or given you an opportunity to submit, a year-end or new year type document.

  • Year-end written Self-Evaluation or Performance Review (private practice and in-house)
  • Memo to support Election to Shareholder, Partner, Member, Equity status, or in-house Promotion
  • Memo related to Compensation
  • 2022 Business Development/Marketing Plan
  • 2022 Performance Plan
  • Other similar materials
  • Preparation for meetings on any of the above

Maybe you haven’t started it yet for various reasons. Perhaps you’re incredibly busy, a little jaded, or really interested and intrigued, but unsure where to start or what to include.

Maybe you’re considering the ROI. That’s definitely valid. I understand lawyers who don’t want to invest much time and effort on these materials because they believe it won’t make much of a difference.

Maybe you’ve recently changed firms, moved in-house, or been promoted. As a result, you may be facing new year-end review and self-evaluation processes, and you’re “all in” but unfamiliar with the protocol.

If you go it alone or enlist a friend or loved one as a sounding board or editor, keep the following in mind.

Universal tips:

  • Consider your readers and what is important to them
  • Use a subtle theme to help the readers see both a positive, compelling big picture of you and how your smaller pieces fit into it
  • These are internal marketing documents; treat them as such
  • You wouldn’t adopt a “wing it” approach for a client’s document or a client meeting; give yourself the same respect

These employer-structured opportunities to advocate for partnership, a promotion, raise or bonus, or more buy-in on your career, don’t come along every day. I’d love to help you with them as a sounding board, editor, or whatever you need.

Please contact me if you’re interested in letting your light shine even more.