The 10 common basic interview questions covered in this article at  are spot on for the interviewing preparation work I do with lawyers, law students and other professionals. The article also helpfully tells you why the interviewer is asking.  Remember, these are just the basics.

Start with “tell us about yourself”, have a relevant answer to “what do you know about this organization”, nail “what makes you different,” “what are your long range goals,” “why are you leaving your current position” and the other five basic questions and you will have a foundation for a strong interview.

Get your answers together for these questions even if you are not yet at the interview stage. Your answers will help you customize your cover letter and your resume for each position.

Yes, preparation is hard work but if you really want the job, you will work hard for it.  If you don’t, the employer will know.

After working on the basics, work on selecting five or six real life examples to choose from to illustrate your answers to these and various other questions like why should we hire you or how do you handle difficult clients or other challenges.  You will shine.

Finally, have great questions for the interviewer that show you know a lot about the employer and what makes it different, and that you care where it is headed.  If you do this, you will be closer to golden.   Good luck!

If you would like coaching and practice in mock interviews to be your best when you interview, please contact me.