thPSQYKOC8New lawyers and law students, do you freeze in your tracks at the thought of going alone to a bar association or other holiday event full of strangers? Attending a social event where you know no one is hard for most people.  In my highly unscientific opinion, based in part on my own personal experience, it is even hard for extroverts.

This holiday season consider an “ask” like the following which a law student sent me recently.

“Hi Elizabeth.  I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed meeting and working with you for our presentation. I was hoping that in the future, I could go to a [Bar] event with you since I do not know that many people.  I can’t go to the [. . . ] because I have class, but hopefully sometime after that. * * * ”

Of course my answer was yes, happily, let me know when you are interested in one.

Like this student, you will sound comfortable and confident, even if you’re not, if you:      (1) ask someone who knows you through more than a five minute conversation (people do business with people they know, like and trust);  (2) ask someone who displays friendly or helpful tendencies; and  (3) ask to do something you know the other person does or will be doing anyway.

Good luck and let me know if you try this tip.

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