December 2012 CalendarDoes your law practice calendar look low in billable hours the next two weeks?  If so, use that time to check at least one more business development action off your list for 2012.  Yes, I am talking about that long list of ideas you had for this year that were sure to help bring in more business sooner or later.  Take one action now and more business will come in sooner rather than later.

If you lost your list, here are some very simple actions to take between December 26 and New Year’s Day:

1.  Complete your LinkedIn profile, including a “headline” and “current position” title that describe your law practice area(s), and a “summary” so that readers know what you do as a lawyer and the kinds of clients you serve.  Even as a non-techie type, you will have “search engine optimized” your profile a zillion percent more.

2.  If you didn’t send out holiday cards this month, review your contacts list and clean it up.  Or at least clean up 50 of your contacts!

3.  Delegate #2 to your assistant while you identify 10 people from your contacts list with whom who you want to re-kindle or further a professional relationship starting in January.

These aren’t intellectually burdensome actions and they don’t take much time.  Maybe your more creative ideas from earlier this year didn’t either.  Choose one, choose something, and follow it through to completion.  There is still time.

If you would like lawyer coaching to help you get more business in 2013, please contact me.